hadaka apron

  1. uhhh Hakogaku mermen for #ywpd_69 - ran out of time before Toudou. Evidently I don’t know how to draw fish. I also don’t know how to draw seaweed. What do i even know how to draw.
  2. Tadokorocchi in dapper(???) clothes for #tadokorocasualwear, an art tag that nobody else wants to join. Did some lazy edits after posting on twitter but the more i try to fix the worse it gets HAHA
  3. surprise surprise more tamaki scribbles

Even my sketches are getting lazy ugh please give me the strength to do finished drawings……

really messy tdkr/tadomaki scribbles from the last couple of days screams and hides in a ditch

Groggy stubbly Doubashi for ywpd69 facial hair prompt, and random Fuku / Arakitas from twitter. Thought my Bamboo stylus had finally died when it stopped working during that arakita scribble but it came back to life after a restart, phew.

I think it’d be rly cute if Fukuchan blew on his noodles first to cool them down ^^

Please read from right to left.

QUALITY comic about husbands who are bad at birthdays.

hayato and jin-kun's food date #720289 AraFuku comic 1/2 AraFuku comic 2/2 clingy makichan don't let makishima dress your kids sengoku basara's Date Masamune from memory I'M SO SORRY Cat.... owl....... from Shounen Hollywood this is so bad i can't stop laughing

The bread that Jin-kun bakes taste the best! mgmg

+ I took some art requests on twitter and this was the resulting mess i’m so sorry (p.s. my pedal twitter is @kuromanyu)